The 6 kick start tips for Resume writing

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    The 6 kick start tips for Resume writing

    Do you know recruiter invest only 5 to 7 seconds on reviewing resume?

    This might sounds you surprising but actually recruiter only invest about 5 to 7 seconds reviewing a resume before taking a call on initiation of further discussion . So what’s the key to secure those 5 seconds impact, May be a difficult question. Every Recruitment profession/HR manager has variety of opinion about this.

    The 6 kick start tips for Resume writing are as follows:

    1. Start with a branding statement -About Me.

    Rather than starting the traditional way of having an objective statement only allows the job seeker to describe his or her talents in relation to a particular position. A About me aspect or branding statement, on the other hand, doesn’t focus on a particular position or industry. Instead, it allows the job seeker to sum up his/her talents and translatable skills in one definitive sentence and in few lines.

    2. Don’t be a copy, be very specific while writing job Skills and other components.

     Be very specific while writing keywords which match with your actual skills or the job profile you are looking for, than to just dumping everything copy pasted. Suggestion is take some for pain for this gain and write everything on your own.

    3. Position your achievement categorically.

    Achievements are to be shared as they talks about you as a person and professionals too. Write all your achievements and place it appropriately on your resume.

    4. Prioritize your resume content.

    Get priority and noticed too by employer by prioritizing the contents of your resume.

    5. Write what you have -Be honest.

    Write what you carry as professional and beware of over sharing. Honest approach may make you wait but will lead to your dream job.

    6. Have closing statement.

    After positioning you as brand ,detailing now it’s  time for you to write closing statement  ,Write a short and humble closing statement for your resume .Closing statement makes your recruiter to have quick recap of your profile .   


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